direction for your band

Where is your band headed?


A band with no direction is doomed to fail and break up, or fizzle out into nothing. How would you answer the following questions? (These are just to get you thinking!)


Is your band playing for success or just for fun?

Does your band have a leader? Who makes the decisions? Is it group effort?

Is your band only interested in fans and groupies?

Is the main goal of your band to make money? If so, who in your band will handle finances?

Does your band need a manager?

Does your band have a plan for promotions? Merchandise?


Is your band going to record any music? Originals? Covers?

Is your band looking to record an album? For what reasons? Are you looking for a recording deal?

Is your band looking to sell its music for commercial use?

Is your band going to create music that matters? Is it going to challenge listeners, or provideĀ  safe music that fits your genre?


Is your band going to play gigs? Where? What kind of venues?

Does your band have aspirations to tour?


Are all the players in your band committed to a single cause? Do you have the right players in your band to achieve your goals?


Regardless of where your band is headed, it is important to think of these questions and discuss them regularly with your band mates. Clear communication and honesty can go a long way in helping you get the most out of your band experience.